SVFF Vietnamese Podcast

SVFF podcast covers all 3 levels: beginner, Intermediate, and advanced. This podcast is all about the Southern Vietnamese dialect. Every single lesson includes an audio file of a full lesson, an audio file of a complete dialogue, an audio file of a vocabulary review, a quiz to review vocabulary and grammar points, a PDF file of dialogue script with English translation plus an explanation.

This podcast is also available on the user-friendly app store. With the SVFF podcast on your phone, you can learn anytime, anywhere, and on any topic that suits your level.

With a very affordable fee every month, you can access all of the contents of 3 levels and choose your preferable lesson to start from.


The VietnamesePod101 podcast

The VietnamesePod101 podcast helps you to learn Vietnamese language concepts at your own speed, using a variety of learning materials that aren’t restricted to audible resources such as podcasts. Video and written material are also available.

Any of this content requires a paid subscription, but it is not very expensive. 


Maybe you don’t want to learn Vietnamese to the point of being fluent. Maybe you’re only visiting the country for work or a holiday and want to make sure you’ll be able to get around. If that describes you, Vietnamese Survival Phrases might be a good match for you. Basic phrases that you might need when traveling or sightseeing are covered in the podcasts. There are a variety of episodes to choose from, all of which are short and cover topics such as greetings, restaurant words, and more.


If you’re having trouble with any of the basic Vietnamese concepts in your current language course, take a look at this short refresher course on Vietnamese language concepts. This podcast only has six episodes, but each one covers a significant aspect of the language that you’ll need to know in order to create a solid base.

Vowels, consonants, consonant combinations, accents, pronunciation, and numbers are all included.



Although the Learn Vietnamese in Saigon brand is best known for its in-person classes, it also has an online podcast where users can enroll in beginner and intermediate courses. Despite the fact that there aren’t many episodes available yet, you can sign up to be notified when new episodes are added to the website.

The podcasts cover not only vocabulary and grammar, but also the Vietnamese alphabet (which is missing from some other beginner Vietnamese podcasts) and intonation.


Although there are only a few episodes of VietPod online, the podcast does focus on one important skill that you’ll need to progress to more advanced podcasts: liSBS VIETNAMESEstening. You were probably dealing with English teachers in the beginning stages of learning Vietnamese (whether through a podcast or a course). When it comes to advanced concepts, however, the instruction is usually given entirely in Vietnamese. VietPod emphasizes listening skills as a way to get used to this method.


The Special Broadcasting Service’s Vietnamese podcast provides comprehensive coverage of national and foreign news in Vietnamese. Podcast episodes are available on a wide range of topics, from political affairs to sports, and new episodes are released on a daily basis, often several times per day.

Since the episodes cover international news and events, you will find this podcast to be an easy place to start when it comes to all Vietnamese podcasts because you’re likely already familiar with the subject matter.


When you listen to the Passionate Vietnam podcast, you will take your Vietnamese language study a step further. This weekly podcast celebrates all things Vietnamese, including the language, with stories, music, and more from three hosts and their international guests. Each episode is approximately 40 minutes long.


If you’re more familiar with religious texts than current affairs, you might find the Faith Comes from Hearing: Vietnamese podcast easier to follow and listen to. There are 260 episodes in total, all of which present biblical passages.

This allows you to read along with the podcast while listening to it so you can read the English version of the text being read aloud and then remember the words you’re saying. The episodes are grouped by biblical verse, allowing you to easily locate and listen to your favorite passages.


Vietnamese Poems allows you to listen to beautiful works of art while studying your new language, which is ideal for those who prefer artistic works to biblical texts or the news. There are 36 podcast episodes to choose from, each featuring a different poem. The episodes are short, about a minute long, and each one contains just one poem.