Welcome to SVFF Podcasts!

The most effective and lazy way to acquire authentic Southern Vietnamese!

What can I get from the podcasts?

2  new lessons are added every week including:

  •  An audio file of a complete dialogue
  • An audio file of a full lesson
  • An audio file of the vocabulary review
  • Quizlet study set for reviewing vocabulary and grammar points
  • A PDF file of the dialogue script with English translation and explanation.

Once your  monthly subscription plan is activated, you can:

  • Get access to nearly 90 podcasts of all levels online
  • 2 new podcasts are updated every week

How much does it cost for a month?

Full price: 7.99 USD/month — It’s  50% cheaper than a single tutoring lesson!

What is in one lesson?

In each lesson, you will listen to an interesting dialogue followed by a detailed explanation of the language content in Vietnamese and English and a speaking practice to increase the speed when replying in Vietnamese

  • Our lessons are provided using Southern dialect /accent
  • Dialogues are short and easy to follow
  • High-quality sound since the podcasts are recorded in a professional studio

Can I try first?

Definitely. Simply register for a free account and try our podcasts for free here.

How can I pay for a subscription?

You can purchase a monthly subscription by PayPal and this will automatically recur until you can cancel it


Please contact us at: svffvn@gmail.com