3 Vietnamese songs covered by foreigners


Some language learners admit that they love to learn a language because of its songs. Indeed, singing is an effective and motivating method that we should apply in learning a language. Let’s relax with the 3 wonderful covers by foreign friends.

  1. “Sau tất cả” is a hit Vietnamese pop song. This sweet song is covered by a Thai singer – Namoh Kongdhana

2. Phuong Vy is a Vietnamese singer who won the first season of Vietnam Idol, in 2007. She married Sean Trace in 2015. Together, they have produced great covers both in Vietnamese and English. His Vietnamese is just great!https://www.youtube.com/embed/J0eLA4dVHCU


3. Kyo York used to be an IT engineer in the U.S. In 2009, he came to Hậu Giang, Vietnam for a teaching English project. His love for a Vietnamese girl motivated him to learn Vietnamese and sing Vietnamese songs. He now becomes a singer in Vietnam.