Chào bạn! 

Learning the Vietnamese language is a journey. It’s not only about listening, reading, writing, or speaking. It is about learning the Vietnamese culture, and the people in the most interesting way. And here I am!

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SVFF is a group of Vietnamese Language Teachers, all of whom have at least 2 years of teaching languages, a BA in Language Teaching.

SVFF Team, founded by two English teachers, Miss Thương and Mr. Phi is dedicated to providing the most engaging and enjoyable Southern Vietnamese lessons for learners in a fun and interesting way.

We’re driven and ambitious. We’re dedicated to helping Vietnamese learners communicate effectively in Vietnamese and understand Vietnamese culture. We believe that open communication between teachers and students will empower learners to express their ideas verbally and in writing.

Our goal is to provide enjoyable and easily understandable lessons in the Southern dialect. We also emphasize conversational and practical Vietnamese. In other words, our aim is to give learners authentic Vietnamese for everyday conversations.


Since 2016 to now, we have had

  • helped more than 2000 one-on-one students both online and offline
  • taught more than 20,000 hours of teaching.
  • helped more than 10,000 online learners on Udemy and with over
  • created +50 self-study online courses and no less
  • brought helpful lessons to more than 27,000 subscribers on Youtube.

Our Teachers

Currently, the SVFF Channel teaching team has 12 Vietnamese teachers. All Vietnamese teachers at SVFF are

  • fluent in English.
  • have a teaching language degree
  • have at least 2-year experience in teaching languages.
  • native Southern Vietnamese

What does SVFF provide

Vietnamese learning is a long journey. Therefore, choosing the most suitable teacher and curriculum delivers the most practical and impressive Vietnamese Southern lessons, ensuring that you achieve the best results and can apply what you have learned in real life.

Contact us


88 Street 52, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam