Vietnamese, a tonal language, presents an intriguing challenge for language learners, particularly when it comes to mastering its tones. Each tone can alter the meaning of a word entirely, making them critical for effective communication. For instance, the difference between “dưa” (melon), “dứa” (pineapple), and “dừa” (coconut) lies solely inContinue Reading

Vietnamese, known as Tiếng Việt , is the native language of the people of Kinh and it became the official language of the many ethnic minorities that call Vietnam home after the revolution that ended French colonization. Vietnamese is also spoken worldwide as part of the Austo-Asian language family inContinue Reading

Classifiers – Từ phân loại The Vietnamese language has a group of words called “classifiers”, which indicate the semantic class to which the words belong such as inanimating objects, trees, animals, fruits,… Here are some common classifiers: Note: cái is mostly used in Southern Accent while the North people prefer toContinue Reading