Introduction: At SVFF, we combine years of expertise in educational content creation with cutting-edge methods to offer business high schools custom solutions for language teaching. Whether you’re looking to teach Vietnamese, English, or both, SVFF is your trusted partner in developing effective and engaging educational materials.

Our Textbook Creation Experience: SVFF has a robust track record of creating more than 30 e-textbooks, available on our website and other online platforms. Our textbooks are designed to foster an engaging learning experience, incorporating the latest pedagogical insights and practical applications that bring language learning to life.

Custom Textbooks for Vietnamese and English: We specialize in creating custom textbooks tailored to the specific needs of your school and students. Our team works closely with you to develop content that aligns with your educational goals, whether for teaching Vietnamese to non-native speakers or English to Vietnamese speakers.

Why Choose SVFF for Your Textbook Needs?

  • Expertise in Language Education: Deep understanding of the linguistic challenges and teaching strategies for both Vietnamese and English.
  • Customization: Tailored content that fits your curriculum requirements and educational standards.
  • Digital and Print Options: Flexibility to choose between digital e-textbooks or traditional print formats, ensuring accessibility for all learning environments.

Partner with Us: If your school is looking to enhance its language teaching programs with customized textbooks, SVFF is here to assist. We offer comprehensive support from the initial concept through to the final product, ensuring that your educational materials not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Get in Touch: For more information about our customized textbook solutions, visit our website at or contact us online. Let’s create something great together for your school!