Describe a person’s appearance – Miêu tả người | Learn Vietnamese Accent

Hello everyone, and welcome to SVFF! I’m Tú, a new teacher here, and today’s lesson is focused on describing people’s appearances in Vietnamese. Understanding how to articulate the physical traits of individuals is not just useful for everyday conversation but also enriches your ability to express yourself clearly and vividly in Vietnamese.

Key Vocabulary for Describing Appearances

Let’s dive into the essential vocabulary needed to describe someone’s appearance, covering everything from facial features to skin tone.

1. Facial Features

  • Eyes: “Mắt” – Learn words like “mắt to” (big eyes) and “mắt sáng” (bright eyes).
  • Nose: “Mũi” – Useful terms include “mũi cao” (high nose) and “mũi thẳng” (straight nose).
  • Skin: “Da” – Discuss skin with terms like “da trắng” (fair skin) and “da nâu” (brown skin).

2. Hair and Other Features

  • Hair: “Tóc” – Describe hair with “tóc dài” (long hair), “tóc ngắn” (short hair), and “tóc xoăn” (curly hair).
  • Special Features: Discuss unique traits such as “răng khểnh” (snaggletooth) or “lông mày dày” (thick eyebrows).

3. Overall Body Descriptions

  • For overall physique, terms like “người cao” (tall person) and “người gầy” (thin person) are very useful.

Practice Makes Perfect

To put your new vocabulary to the test, let’s do a practical exercise. We will show a picture of a person, and you are invited to describe them using the Vietnamese terms we’ve discussed. Comment your description below, and we’ll provide feedback to help you refine your language skills.

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