Enjoy Vietnamese fried street food | Ăn vặt Việt Nam | Authentic Vietnamese

Welcome to another episode of “Southern Vietnamese for Foreigners”! Today, we’re back at a popular local restaurant in xiên Que, renowned for its diverse culinary offerings. Join us as we dive into a gastronomic experience alongside our hosts Phi, Andrea, and Quyen.

Setting the Scene

Location: A well-known restaurant in Sieng Que recommended by many. Phi has visited this place before, but an earlier attempt to document the experience was marred by some mishaps on camera. Today offers a chance for redemption—and double the dining pleasure!


Meet Our Guests:

  • Andrea: Warmly greeting the viewers, Andrea is ready to explore the variety of dishes with us.
  • Quyen: Also joining the feast, Quyen shares her enthusiasm for the culinary review.

The Dining Experience

Tasting and Review:

  • Phi kicks off the food tasting with a fried dish, savoring the flavors and textures while providing insightful commentary on each aspect of the meal.
  • The highlight is the cucumber dish, which surprisingly contains a crunchy, egg-filled interior, offering a unique twist on a familiar favorite.

Drink Introduction:

  • Before diving into the main courses, Phi introduces a special beverage called “tea”, explaining its components and the quirky blend of small melons and tiny lemons that characterize this refreshing drink.

Interactive Food Reviews

Switching Reviewers:

  • The camera then moves to Andrea and Quyen, who each select different dishes to taste and discuss. This interactive format allows each guest to share their personal impressions and culinary insights, enhancing the overall review experience.
  • Andrea delves into a dish that seems to be fish cake, noting the surprising burst of juice that resembles tiny ice grains, providing both texture and a cool sensation.

Concluding the Review:

  • Quyen takes over to sample a dish she describes as long and round, likening it to a sausage that combines flavors of squid and fish, admired for its soft yet chewy texture.

Wrapping Up

As our culinary journey at Sieng Que comes to an end, the hosts reflect on the enjoyable atmosphere and the joy of sharing good food with friends. They emphasize that the company often makes the meal even more delightful.

Final Thoughts:

  • Our hosts invite viewers to stay tuned for more adventures and encourage everyone to explore Vietnamese cuisine, whether in Sieng Que or their local eateries.
  • They remind viewers that the series may continue with new explorations and encourage feedback on the types of dishes or restaurants they would like to see featured next.

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Thank you for watching, and see you in the next video!