Express your purpose in Vietnamese | Learn Vietnamese Southern dialect

Welcome to SVFF-Tiếng Việt Giọng Miền Nam cho Người Nước Ngoài! Today, we’re focusing on how to discuss and inquire about purposes in Vietnamese effectively. Whether you’re curious about someone’s reasons for doing something or need to express your own intentions, this lesson will equip you with the necessary phrases and insights.

Key Vocabulary and Phrases

1. Expressing Purpose:

  • To ask about someone’s purpose in Vietnamese, you can use the phrase “làm gì” or “vì sao” (why or for what reason). These phrases help frame questions directed at understanding intentions.

2. Example Questions:

  • “Bạn học tiếng Việt để làm gì?” (What are you learning Vietnamese for?)
  • This structure is versatile and can be used in various contexts, whether casual or formal.

Constructing Answers

3. Responding to Questions About Purpose:

  • When answering questions about purpose, replace “làm gì” with the specific action or reason.
  • Example Response: “Tôi học tiếng Việt để giao tiếp tốt hơn khi tôi đi du lịch ở Việt Nam.” (I am learning Vietnamese to communicate better when I travel in Vietnam.)

Additional Usage of “làm gì”

4. Implied Meaning of Unnecessity:

  • The phrase “làm gì” can also imply that something is unnecessary or not needed, depending on the context.
  • Example Contextual Use: “Bạn làm gì phải lo lắng?” (Why do you need to worry?)

Practical Exercise

5. Interactive Scenario:

  • Let’s practice with a real-life scenario: Imagine you’re discussing fitness goals with a friend.
  • Question: “Bạn đến phòng tập gym để làm gì?”
  • Your Answer: “Tôi đến phòng tập gym để cải thiện sức khỏe.” (I go to the gym to improve my health.)

Learning Extensions

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