FSI Vietnamese Basic Course

The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese, which has about 95 million speakers. It is also used in a country where people in neighboring villages sometimes speak completely unrelated tongues as a means of communication among the many ethnic minorities of Vietnam.

It is a major regional language, and due to the growing economic weight of Vietnam, its value is only growing, so it is a handy one to know for anyone interested in traveling or doing business in Southeast Asia.

Vietnamese can be tough for speakers of European languages, especially in terms of pronunciation. It has six tones in total, one or two of which are particularly tricky, and it also has a large number of vowel sounds that can take a great deal of effort to master.

What is the Basic FSI Vietnamese Course?

The FSI Vietnamese course, developed in 1967, is a detailed set of materials that will teach you Southern Vietnamese.

The course begins with an introduction to pronunciation that is understandably detailed. Then the rest of the course, after working through the sounds of southern Vietnamese, consists of dialogs that present a new language along with practice exercises. This makes it possible for you to develop your fluency while maintaining everything you have experienced.

The course contains 15 lessons in total, and each one is followed by audio recordings to help you continue to work on your pronunciation.

How did you initially use FSI Vietnamese Basic?

FSI Vietnamese, like other FSI Basic courses, was created to offer good language grounding to US diplomatic staff before being sent to work in the country.

Students were required to attend about six hours of lessons each day, and a further two hours of individual study were supplemented with the time spent in the classroom.

Students were required to speak only Vietnamese during class time, and they were encouraged to speak Vietnamese together outside of their classes. In this way, they were able to achieve a reasonable level of competence in the language after just about six months of training.

How do you use Basic FSI Vietnamese?

While you might not expect to recreate the learning experience of an intense FSI course, this rich resource can still be used to improve your autonomous language learning.

If you have another Vietnamese coursebook, you can use the FSI resources to complement what you are learning, to help improve your listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, and fluency by going through the dialogs and drills.

On the other hand, you can work through the lessons, complementing them with any other tools you have at your disposal, if you are looking for a free Vietnamese course to use as your primary learning material.

To take it on,

Of course, by books alone, you will never learn Vietnamese, and the reason you learn this language in the first place is to be able to converse in your own language with Vietnamese speakers. You should explore opportunities to try out anything you have learned once you start studying.

Look for native Vietnamese speakers you can practice with and strive to make speaking Vietnamese a part of your everyday life. Once you start, you will see how quickly you begin to advance in this challenging yet rewarding language.

Materials of Course

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