Welcome to SVFF-Tiếng Việt Giọng Miền Nam cho Người Nước Ngoài! I’m Thi, and today I’ll be guiding you on how to effectively ask for clarification in Vietnamese, a crucial skill when you don’t quite catch what someone said or when you need something repeated because it wasn’t clear.

Understanding the Need for Repetition

Whether you didn’t hear something properly, didn’t understand, or are simply shocked by what was said, knowing how to ask someone to repeat themselves is essential in maintaining smooth communication. Let’s explore how to handle these situations in Vietnamese through a role-play scenario.

Common Phrases for Asking for Repetition

  1. When you didn’t hear something clearly:
    • “Anh/Chị nói lại được không?” (Could you say that again?)
    • “Xin lỗi, tôi không nghe rõ.” (Sorry, I didn’t hear that clearly.)
  2. When you don’t understand something:
    • “Tôi không hiểu, bạn có thể giải thích thêm không?” (I don’t understand, can you explain more?)
  3. Expressing disbelief or surprise (special cases):
    • Sometimes, these phrases can also indicate that you’re surprised or don’t accept what was said. For example:
    • “Hả? Bạn nói gì vậy?” (What? What did you say?)

Practical Exercise: Apply What You’ve Learned

To make sure these phrases become a part of your Vietnamese vocabulary, I challenge you to use them at least three times. Try them out when:

  • You didn’t catch what someone said.
  • You need further clarification because you didn’t understand.
  • You are surprised or in disbelief about what was mentioned.

Engage with Us

After trying these out, comment below on how often you used these phrases in your conversations. We’d love to hear about your experiences!

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