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Welcome to SVFF Tiếng Việt Giọng Miền Nam! Today, we embark on a linguistic journey delving into the intricacies of Vietnamese question words. While in English we often rely on a single word – “when” – Vietnamese offers a rich tapestry of options, each serving a specific purpose.

Let’s start by dissecting the word “khi nào”. This versatile phrase can be translated to “when” in English, but its usage depends heavily on context. Placing “khi nào” at the beginning of a question signifies a future event inquiry, whereas positioning it at the end denotes a query about a past occurrence. For example, “Khi nào em đi Hà Nội?” translates to “When will you go to Hanoi?” whereas “Em đi Hà Nội hồi nào?” means “When did you go to Hanoi?”

However, in spoken language, “khi nào” isn’t as commonly used. Instead, native speakers opt for “hồi nào”. This phrase, when placed at the end of a question, exclusively refers to past events. For instance, “Chị về Sài Gòn hồi nào?” translates to “When did you return to Saigon?”

Furthermore, Vietnamese speakers often employ “ho” before the time indicator when responding to questions. This aids in clarifying the tense of the event in question. For instance, “Em mua cái áo này hồi nào?” (When did you buy this shirt?) is answered with “Em mới mua hồi hôm qua” (I just bought it yesterday).

Moving on, let’s explore “chừng nào” and “bao giờ”. These phrases are exclusively reserved for future events and are placed at the beginning of questions. For example, “Chừng nào thì em đi nhà bạn?” translates to “When will you go to your friend’s house?” Similarly, “Bao giờ thì em lấy chồng?” means “When will you get married?”

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