Hello everyone, it’s me again! Today, we’re diving into an essential aspect of the Vietnamese language—expressing intentions. Whether you’re planning your future actions or discussing your goals, understanding how to communicate your intentions is crucial.

Introduction to Expressing Intentions

In Vietnamese, two common words to express intention are “tính” and “định”. These words help specify what you plan or intend to do, providing clarity and purpose in your conversations.

Using “Tính” and “Định”

1. Structure for Questions:

  • To form a question about intentions, start with a pronoun, followed by “tính” or “định”, and end with “làm gì?” (to do what?).
  • Example: “Bạn định làm gì?” (What do you intend to do?)

2. Responding to Questions:

  • When responding, replace “làm gì” with the specific action you intend to take.
  • Example Response: “Tôi định học tiếng Việt.” (I intend to learn Vietnamese.)

Practical Exercise

3. Translate and Practice:

  • Exercise 1: Translate “What’s your intention in Vietnam?” into Vietnamese.
  • Exercise 2: Translate “I intend to learn Vietnamese.” into Vietnamese.
  • Comment your answers below for a review!

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4. Learning Opportunities:

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This tutorial aimed to equip you with the necessary tools to express your intentions clearly in Vietnamese. By mastering these expressions, you can navigate social and professional settings more effectively in Vietnam.

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