Step-by-Step Guide:

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Easy PayPal Payments for Your Vietnamese Language Courses

At SVFF, we understand the importance of a hassle-free payment process. That’s why we offer a straightforward PayPal payment option, ensuring your focus remains on learning Vietnamese.


How to Pay via PayPal

  1. Direct Payment Through Our Website:

For most of our courses and services, you can effortlessly pay through the links and buttons integrated into our website. This method directly connects you to PayPal, ensuring a secure and quick transaction.

Manual PayPal Payments:

Need to make a payment for a specific amount or a customized course? Our manual payment option via PayPal is just as easy:

  • Access the Payment Link: Click here: Pay via PayPal.
  • Enter Your Payment Amount: Specify the exact amount for the course or service.
  • Log In and Pay: Use your PayPal account to securely complete the transaction.
  • Include Important Details: In the payment note, mention the specific course or service you’re enrolling in.

**3. ** Confirming Your Payment:

Once your transaction is complete, please take a moment to send a screenshot of the payment to This allows us to promptly confirm your payment and facilitate your enrollment.