Conversations at the restaurant or a coffee shop are always a hot topic in any languages. This lesson is created to help Vietnamese learn to order food or drink at these places.

How to mention food & drink:

4 units used for food and drink

  • tô : a big bowl
  • chén: a small bowl
  • dĩa : a plate
  • ly : a glass




  • 1 tô phở
  • 1 chén cơm
  • 3 dĩa cơm
  • 2 ly nước cam

How to order food/ drink


Lấy cho anh 1 ly nước cam đi. (A glass of orange juice, please!)

Cho em 1 tô phở. (A bowl of Pho, please!)

How to pay

To ask the waiter/ waitress to come and get you the bill, you can say Tính tiền dùm anh đi.

(tính : calculate,  tiền: money )

Other examples, tính tiền dùm tôi/ em/ chú.. (đi)

When you get the change, you can say  Thối tiền dùm anh. 

(thối tiền: give the change back to the customer)


Common Vietnamese food (Watch the video for more pictures)

  • Gà kho xả ớt
  • Canh chua cá lóc
  • Cá chiên xù
  • Phở
  • Hủ tiếu
  • Bún
  • Cơm

Common Vietnamese drink (Watch the video for more pictures)

  • Sinh tố bơ
  • Nước mía
  • Nước ngọt

Watch the video to see our drama with clear pronunciation and explanations

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