How to use the prepositions of place | Learn Vietnamese Southern dialect

Welcome back to SVFF Southern Vietnamese for Foreigners! In today’s session, we dive into useful Vietnamese vocabulary related to directions and locations—an essential part of daily communication, especially useful for navigating and describing places.

Scenario: A Search for a Lost Wallet

In the roleplay you’ve just witnessed, the conversation revolves around a search for a misplaced wallet, providing a practical context to learn and understand prepositions of place and expressions for location inquiries.

Key Vocabulary and Phrases

1. Expressing Locations in Vietnamese:

  • “ở đâu” – where (used to ask about location)
  • “ở trên” – on/above
  • “ở dưới” – under/below
  • “bên phải” – on the right
  • “bên trái” – on the left
  • “ở giữa” – between
  • “đối diện” – opposite

2. Examples from the Roleplay:

  • “Bóp tiền của em ở đâu không?” – Do you know where my wallet is?
  • “Không thấy cái gì luôn nè.” – I don’t see anything at all.
  • “Kiếm dùm em coi ở dưới cái ghế thôi có không?” – Could you please check under the chair?

Practice with Descriptive Sentences:

3. Using the Vocabulary in Sentences:

  • “Bình hoa ở trên kệ sách.” – The vase is on the bookshelf.
  • “Cái ly ở trên bàn.” – The glass is on the table.
  • “Cái đèn ở bên trái ghế sofa.” – The lamp is on the left of the sofa.

Engaging in Dialogue:

4. Creating Dialogues for Practice:

  • Q: “Máy tính ở đâu?” – Where is the computer?
  • A: “Máy tính ở trên bàn trong phòng khách.” – The computer is on the table in the living room.
  • This format helps reinforce the learning of location words through active use in practical scenarios.

Conclusion and Further Learning Opportunities

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