At SVFF Language Center, we strive to provide our students with the best resources and learning experiences. To encourage regular engagement and maintain the integrity of our educational services, we have implemented an inactive account policy. This policy is designed to promote consistent learning and proper use of our resources, including free textbooks provided to active learners.

Policy Overview

  1. Account Deactivation:
    • Accounts of students who do not attend at least one class every 15 days will be considered inactive.
    • Inactive accounts will automatically be deactivated, restricting access to course materials and free textbooks.
  2. Textbook Access:
    • Free textbooks are a privilege for active students attending regular classes at SVFF.
    • Once an account is deactivated due to inactivity, access to these textbooks will be suspended.
  3. Reactivating Your Account with Remaining Lessons If your account is deactivated but you still have remaining lessons, here’s how you can reactivate:
    • Inform your teacher of the next day you wish to resume lessons with us.
    • We will reactivate your account and enroll you in all available textbooks.
    • We will make these textbooks available to your account 2 days before your next planned lesson.
    • Reactivation will restore access to previously available courses and textbooks.
  4. Conditions for Maintaining Active Status:
    • Active status is maintained by attending classes with SVFF-certified teachers.
    • Learning with teachers not affiliated with SVFF will not count towards maintaining an active account status.

Encouraging Regular Learning

We encourage all our students to maintain regular class attendance. This policy ensures that our resources, especially free textbooks, are utilized effectively and within the educational context of SVFF. Regular learning activities not only enhance language proficiency but also ensure continuous access to the valuable resources we offer.

Policy Implementation

This policy is effective immediately for all new and existing students. Students are advised to plan their schedules to meet the minimum activity requirements and avoid account deactivation and subsequent loss of textbook access.

Questions and Support

For any questions regarding this policy or for assistance with account management, please contact our support team. We are here to help you optimize your learning experience at SVFF.


SVFF Language Center is committed to supporting your learning journey. By adhering to this inactive account policy, you help us maintain high-quality services and ensure that all students benefit from our dedicated educational environment.