Welcome to our online Vietnamese group classes! Learn, grow, and have fun with others.

What Are These Group Courses?

Our group courses are a bunch of classes where you can learn about specific Vietnamese topics or just get better at speaking and understanding the language. You’ll meet your teacher and classmates online at the same time every week, and the classes go on for a few weeks.

Good Stuff You Get

  • Learn Regularly: Keep getting better by learning every week.
  • Well-Planned Lessons: Our courses are designed to make sure you really learn and improve.
  • Make Friends: Learn with the same people and teacher each time, which is great for making friends and working together.

Tips for a Great Class Experience

  • Pick the Right Course: Choose one that fits when you’re free, how well you know Vietnamese, and what you want to achieve. You can find all the details on the course page.
  • Get Ready to Use Zoom: Make sure you have Zoom on your computer or phone and that you know how to use it.
  • Look at Class Materials Early: Before class, download and look at the materials on the course page. It helps you get ready and focus better in class.

Understanding Course Rules

  • Canceling a Course: You can cancel and get your money back if it’s more than 24 hours before your course starts. If it’s less than 24 hours before, you can’t cancel.
  • Not Enough Students?: If not enough students sign up, the course gets canceled and everyone gets their money back. We’ll tell you if that happens.
  • Can Teachers Cancel?: Yes, if not enough students sign up 24 hours before the start, but not if the class already has enough students.
  • Skipping or Changing Classes: Once the course is set, you can’t skip or change the class times.
  • Missing a Class: If you miss a class for any reason, you won’t get your money back for that class.
  • If Someone’s Not Behaving: If someone breaks the rules badly, they have to leave the course. For smaller issues, they get a warning first and then might have to leave.
  • Ending a Course Early: You can’t just decide to end the course early. But if there’s a big problem, we’ll handle it.
  • Teacher Rules: Teachers can’t end a course early unless only one student is left.
  • If There’s a Problem with a Teacher: If your teacher doesn’t show up or breaks the rules, you can choose to either get your money back for the missed classes or leave the course and get back money for the classes you won’t take.

How We Work Out Refunds

If you have classes you paid for but won’t take, we figure out how much money to give back based on how many classes are left. Like, if a course costs $100 for 5 lessons and you’ve got one lesson left, you get $20 back.

Ready to learn Vietnamese in a fun, group setting? Join us at SVFF!