Dive into the rewarding SVFF Shop Affiliate Program, where passion for Vietnamese language learning meets financial opportunity. Utilizing Gumroad as our platform to streamline the process, this program is tailor-made for SVFF students, alumni, and Vietnamese language enthusiasts. If you’ve benefited from our array of learning resources, including courses, textbooks, podcasts, or video content, here’s your chance to share these tools with others and earn a commission on every sale you refer.

How It Works:

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The SVFF Shop Affiliate Program simplifies the path to earning commissions by promoting our Vietnamese language learning materials. Here’s how you can participate and profit:

  1. Sign Up: Register for the program via Gumroad to obtain your unique affiliate link.
  2. Share and Promote: Use your link to introduce others to SVFF’s diverse learning materials.
  3. Earn Commissions: Receive a 20% to 30% commission for each sale made through your referral.
  4. Get Paid: Track your earnings and receive payments directly through Gumroad, ensuring a seamless and reliable payout process.

Why Join the SVFF Shop Affiliate Program?

  • Real Recommendations: Sharing your own experience with SVFF makes people trust what you say.
  • Lots of Learning Tools: We have everything from easy books to detailed podcasts, so there’s something for everyone.
  • Great Earnings: Our good commission rates mean you can make good money.

Getting Started is Easy:


Joining the program is straightforward—simply sign up through Gumroad, link your account, and start sharing your affiliate link.

Tools for Success:

  • Personalized Promotions: Tailor your message to highlight how SVFF’s resources have enhanced your language learning journey.
  • Performance Tracking: Utilize Gumroad’s dashboard to monitor your sales, commissions, and payouts in real time.
  • Engagement Tips: Keep your audience engaged with updates on new SVFF products and special promotions.

Explore SVFF’s Learning Resources:

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  • Podcasts: A perfect tool for improving listening skills and gaining cultural insights.
  • Textbooks: Comprehensive guides designed to facilitate structured learning and mastery of the Vietnamese language.
  • Video Courses: Engaging and informative courses that provide visual and interactive ways to learn Vietnamese.

Your Impact as an Affiliate:

Beyond earning commissions, your role as an SVFF affiliate contributes to the global appreciation and understanding of the Vietnamese language. By sharing your journey and recommending SVFF’s learning materials, you play a part in enriching others’ lives with the beauty of Vietnamese culture and language.


The SVFF Shop Affiliate Program presents an exciting opportunity to monetize your passion for Vietnamese language learning. By partnering with us and utilizing Gumroad for affiliate management, you can ensure a smooth and profitable experience. Ready to transform your enthusiasm into earnings? Sign up for the SVFF Shop Affiliate Program today and start your journey toward successful affiliate marketing with a purpose.

Ready to Begin?

Explore the SVFF shop to familiarize yourself with our extensive range of learning materials. As you embark on your affiliate journey, remember that your unique experiences and insights into these resources are what will truly resonate with potential learners. Join now, share your passion, and watch your efforts turn into tangible rewards.