Meet Our Esteemed Teacher: Miss Thương

A Guiding Light in Vietnamese Language Learning

Miss Thương, an exceptional member of the SVFF teaching team, is celebrated for her expertise and nurturing approach to teaching Vietnamese. Specializing in beginner levels, she skillfully blends conversational practice with structured learning, making her a favorite among students.

Experience and Dedication:

  • Tenure: With over 2000+ lessons, Miss Thương’s experience is extensive.
  • Specialization: Excelling at the A1 – Beginner Level, she ensures a solid foundation for new learners.

Renowned for Clarity and Patience:
Students like Vera and 405 Vy commend her for her well-prepared lessons and clear explanations. She adeptly addresses pronunciation challenges, making her classes both engaging and productive.

Impactful Teaching:
Ben Howell’s journey, from anxiety to confidence in speaking Vietnamese, highlights her effectiveness. His improved communication skills during a recent Vietnam trip are a testament to her teaching prowess.

Cultural Enrichment:
Dat Nguyen notes her ability to integrate Vietnamese culture into lessons, enriching the learning experience.

Fostering Progress:
Christian Le-Kroken’s feedback reflects Miss Thương’s teaching ethos – patient, practical, and motivating. She plays a key role in enhancing students’ learning experiences.

Discover More and Watch Her in Action:
For a closer look at Miss Thương’s teaching style and to understand her approach better, visit her profile and watch her introductory video. Click here to learn more about her and to view her video, offering a glimpse into her engaging and effective teaching methods.

Join Miss Thương’s Classes:
Miss Thương’s classes at SVFF offer a comprehensive, enjoyable, and culturally rich learning experience. Whether you’re starting your Vietnamese language journey or advancing your skills, her guidance is invaluable. Experience the joy of learning Vietnamese with one of the best at SVFF.

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