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Welcome to SVFF Tiếng Việt Giọng Miền Nam cho Người Nước Ngoài (SVFF Southern Vietnamese for Foreigners). Today, we are excited to share with you a lesson on morning activities in Vietnamese. Let’s dive into the vocabulary and learn how to use these phrases in everyday conversations.


Đen: Hi everyone! My name is Đen. Hưng: Hello everyone! My name is Hưng. We are teachers at SVFF. Today, we will learn about morning activities in Vietnamese. We will cover the vocabulary and how to use them in conversations.

Common Morning Activities

  1. Thức dậy (Wake up)
    • Example: Chị Mai thường thức dậy lúc 7 giờ sáng. (Mai usually wakes up at 7 am.)
    • Example: Em không thích dậy sớm. (I don’t like waking up early.)
  2. Đánh răng (Brush teeth)
    • Example: Em đánh răng mỗi ngày hai lần. (I brush my teeth twice a day.)
    • Example: Nam luôn đánh răng sau khi ăn xong. (Nam always brushes his teeth after eating.)
  3. Rửa mặt (Wash face)
    • Example: Anh luôn rửa mặt vào mỗi buổi sáng. (He always washes his face every morning.)
    • Example: Chị ghét rửa mặt vào buổi tối. (She hates washing her face at night.)
  4. Tập thể dục (Exercise)
    • Example: Tập thể dục mỗi ngày rất tốt cho sức khỏe. (Exercising every day is very good for health.)
    • Example: Lê không bao giờ tập thể dục. (Lê never exercises.)
  5. Ăn sáng (Eat breakfast)
    • Example: Tụi mình phải ăn sáng trước khi tới công ty. (We must eat breakfast before going to the company.)
    • Example: Hôm nay em thức dậy trễ nên không ăn sáng. (Today I woke up late, so I didn’t have breakfast.)
  6. Uống cà phê (Drink coffee)
    • Example: Anh phải uống cà phê thì mới làm việc được. (I have to drink coffee to be able to work.)
    • Example: Em không uống cà phê được. (I cannot drink coffee.)
  7. Đi làm (Go to work)
    • Example: Anh Bảo đi làm lúc 9 giờ sáng. (Bảo goes to work at 9 am.)
    • Example: Anh thích nhiều tiền nhưng không thích đi làm. (He likes having a lot of money but doesn’t like going to work.)
  8. Thay đồ (Change clothes)
    • Example: Tôi phải thay đồ rồi mới tới công ty. (I have to change clothes before going to the company.)
    • Example: Mỗi ngày cô thay đồ ba lần. (She changes her clothes three times a day.)


We hope you enjoyed this lesson on morning activities in Vietnamese. Try to incorporate these phrases into your daily routine to enhance your language skills. For a more interactive and engaging learning experience, join us at SVFF. Unlock the world of Vietnamese language and culture with SVFF Unlimited today. Enjoy progress tracking, monthly updates, and lifetime access. Try our free preview lessons and get discounts as a previous course buyer.

Comment your answers below and let us know how you use these phrases in your morning routine!

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By using these phrases, you will be better equipped to start your day like a native Vietnamese speaker. Happy learning!

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