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Our Journey: A Story of Dedication and Growth

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Beginnings in 2015:
SVFF, standing for Southern Vietnamese for Foreigners, was founded on March 7, 2015, by two passionate educators, Thế Phi and Kim Thương, graduates of the University of Pedagogy in Ho Chi Minh City. They identified a significant need for specialized instruction in Southern Vietnamese for foreign learners and set out to address this gap.

The YouTube Foundation:
The initial step was launching a YouTube channel, a platform that allowed them to reach a global audience. Their early video lectures, focusing on the Southern Vietnamese dialect, quickly attracted attention and appreciation, forming the foundation of a growing learning community.

Team Expansion and Community Building:
With increasing interest, SVFF expanded its teaching team, bringing together educators who shared a passion for teaching Vietnamese. This expansion helped nurture a vibrant community of learners, particularly interested in the Southern dialect.

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Rapid Online Growth:
Today, the SVFF YouTube channel stands as a testament to their success, with over 27,000 followers and subscribers, reflecting the impact and popularity of their teaching methods.

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Diverse Learning Opportunities:
SVFF has diversified its offerings to include podcasts, self-study video courses, and training for Vietnamese individuals aspiring to teach their native language. These resources cater to a range of learning preferences and needs.

A Strong Team of Over 20 Teachers:
Currently, the center boasts a team of more than 20 expert Vietnamese language teachers, each contributing their unique skills and enthusiasm.

Mr. Phi
Miss Thương
Miss Yến Vy
Miss Hoài Tâm
Miss Thảo Nguyên
Mr. Khánh Hưng
Miss Hoài Thương
Miss Linh Đan
Miss Thiên Kim
Miss Kim Hằng
Miss Thu Trang
Mr. Hiệp Mậu

Join Our Vibrant Community:
SVFF is more than just a language school; it’s a community where culture and language intertwine. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your Southern Vietnamese skills, SVFF welcomes you to a world of linguistic and cultural exploration.

Embark on Your Language Journey:
Discover our courses, become part of our community, and start your adventure with Southern Vietnamese today at SVFF. Your gateway to a richer cultural experience awaits!

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