OUR STUDENTS: Japanese Speak Vietnamese after 1 year learning Vietnamese online

Takujiro Ikeda has learned Vietnamese “Learn Vietnamese with SVFF” YouTube channel. Now is has his business in Nha Trang, Vietnam. One day he visited Saigon and had so much fun trying Vietnamese Food in Saigon.

Takujiro Ikeda has learned Vietnamese himself mostly by watching YouTube. He is a kind nice guy who falls in love so much with Vietnam.

His pronunciation is quite impressive even learning Vietnamese online. Maybe because he lives in Vietnam or he has the talent for learning the Vietnamese language

To Vietnamese beginner, we always suggest they have a native Vietnamese to correct their mistakes, especially pronunciation. For a tonal language like Vietnamese, it will be impossible to understand if the speaker mispronounces the words and tones.

If you want a professional Vietnamese teacher to help you with pronunciation, you can contact us, first, have a free trial, then decide whether to continue or not later. Register for a free trial here