Page Marker – Draw on Web: Enhance Your Vietnamese Language Teaching


Page Marker – Draw on Web is a powerful browser extension designed to enhance your online teaching experience. Whether you’re highlighting text, drawing diagrams, or adding notes, Page Marker allows you to interact with any webpage in real time. This tool is especially beneficial for Vietnamese language teachers at SVFF, providing a dynamic way to illustrate lessons and engage with students.

Extension Features:

  • Draw or highlight on any website in real time.
  • Add text, lines, and shapes.
  • Move, undo, or redo anything you draw.

How to Use Page Marker

image (30)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Install and Pin the Extension:
    • Click the puzzle piece-shaped extensions icon in the top right corner of your browser.
    • Pin the Page Marker red marker icon for ease of access.
  2. Begin Drawing:
    • Use your mouse or touchscreen to draw on any webpage.
  3. Customize Your Tools:
    • Change Color: Click on the color selecting box.
    • Adjust Thickness: Use the size slider.
    • Highlight Text: Use the highlighter tool.
  4. Advanced Tools:
    • Erase Drawings: Use the eraser tool.
    • Add Text: Use the text tool to add notes.
    • Draw Lines: Use the line tool for straight lines.
    • Undo/Redo: Click the corresponding undo/redo buttons.
    • Customize Settings: Right-click the Page Marker icon to change default color or thickness.
image (32)
image (34)

Enhance Your Vietnamese Language Lessons

Page Marker is perfect for Vietnamese language teachers at SVFF who want to bring their lessons to life. Here are some ways you can use it:

Highlighting Key Vocabulary

Use the highlighter tool to emphasize important words and phrases on any webpage. This visual aid helps students focus on essential vocabulary.

image (36)

Drawing Diagrams and Illustrations

Illustrate complex grammar points or cultural concepts by drawing diagrams directly on the webpage. This makes abstract ideas more concrete and easier to understand.

Adding Notes and Annotations

Add notes and annotations to texts, articles, or exercises. This feature is especially useful for providing additional context or explanations during your lessons.

image (35)

Interactive Teaching

Engage students by inviting them to use the Page Marker during live sessions. They can highlight text, add their notes, or draw diagrams, making the learning process more interactive.


Page Marker – Draw on Web is an indispensable tool for Vietnamese language teachers at SVFF. It enhances your ability to interact with web content, making your lessons more engaging and effective. Install Page Marker today and take your teaching to the next level.

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