Thank you for choosing to pay with Vietnam Bank Transfer!

This method not only saves you money but also streamlines our process by avoiding the need to convert USD to VND. Our favorable exchange rate of just 22,500 VND for 1 USD offers you savings compared to standard market rates.


How to Complete Your Payment

Step 1: Know Your Amount in Vietnam Dong

Important: Bank transfers must include the purchase reference ID. Ensure you include this ID in the “Notes” section of your Bank Transfer application. You can find this number in the payment description on the page that directed you here. Note: Your purchase will be canceled if you do not provide a reference ID. We are not liable for payments made without a reference number.

Step 2: Understand Your Payment Description

At this stage, you should be aware of the amount you need to pay in VNĐ. When making the transfer, it is crucial to fill in the total amount in VNĐ (not in your country’s currency). This step is essential as it allows the transferring process to calculate and include the processing fee and currency exchange fee in your transfer. This ensures that we receive the full amount necessary to proceed to the next steps.


Step 3: Fill in Recipient Information [IMPORTANT]

  • Full Name of Account Holder: Huynh The Phi
  • Beneficiary’s Bank Name: Techcombank (Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank)
  • Account Number: 19034376437011
  • Description of Payment: Check the page that directed you here to know this description.

Step 4: Screenshot Your Transaction

Once you complete the transaction, take a screenshot of the transaction details and send it to

Step 5: Wait for Confirmation

After we receive your payment, SVFF will confirm and schedule your next class. Typically, it takes 1 – 2 business days for the payment to reach the recipient’s bank account.

Other Payment Methods

For details on alternative payment options for SVFF courses, please click here

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