Thank you for choosing to pay through (previously known as This method is not only cost-effective for you, but it also streamlines our process for converting USD to VND. We offer a competitive rate of only 24,400 VND for every 1 USD, which is lower than the typical market rates. This rate will be updated monthly to align with currency exchange rate fluctuations, but it will consistently stay below the market price.


Step 1: Know your amount in Vietnam Dong

You should already know the amount you need to pay in VND. When making the transfer, ensure to enter the amount in VND (not in your local currency). This is crucial because by entering in VND, Wise calculates and includes the processing fee and currency exchange fee in your transfer (which might not be included in the platform that directed you here). This ensures that we receive the full amount needed to proceed with the next steps.

Step 2: Log in to this page


Step 3: Type the tuition in VND


Step 4: Fill in recipient information [IMPORTANT]

Full name of the account holderHuynh The Phi
CityBinh Duong
Address1472 Binh Duong Avenue, Dinh Hoa, Thu Dau Mot
Postal code590000
Beneficiary’s bank nameVietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank)
Account number19034376437011
Swift Code: VTCBVNVX

Step 5: Screenshot your transaction detail send it to and wait.


Step 6: Wait for confirmation

Once we receive your payment, SVFF will promptly confirm and enroll you in your next class. Typically, it takes 3-5 business days for the payment to be credited to the SVFF bank account.


Too complicated? Click here, go to Method 2 to pay with PayPal instead


Other Payment Methods

For details on alternative payment options for SVFF courses, please click here

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