Complete Vietnamese Course – Level 00 – Northern

24.00 $

Begin your Vietnamese learning with our Level 00 course, focusing on mastering pronunciation in the Northern dialect. This course teaches you to recognize tones, produce clear sounds, and lays the foundation for advanced language skills, perfect for complete beginners.


What you’ll learn
– Be able to distinguish the tones – Produce every Vietnamese sound clearly in Southerner Dialect
– Understand how to form some specific complicated sound and how it relates to pronunciation
– Build the foundation for your next step in learning Vietnamese
– Reduce your accent and sound more native-like
– Be able to pronounce every word and phrase in Vietnamese without understanding any of them.
• A device can connect to internet
• A lot of motivation and practicing
If you are a complete beginner you should start learning Vietnamese pronunciation, After this course, you would be able to pronounce any Vietnamese word correctly even without understanding the meaning of it. This course will last from 4 to 8 hours depending on each student. And of course, this is just in the Southern Vietnamese dialect.
At this level, teachers are very important. They will help you to correct every single mistake. If you can’t make the sound correct, especially the tones, It doesn’t matter how much you know about the Vietnamese language, native Vietnamese would easily misunderstand your ideas.
Course Content
1.   A, I, U, MA MA – A, I, U, MA MÀ
2.   U, O, MA, MA – Ư, Ơ, MÁ, MẢ
3.   E, E, O, O, NH, MA, MA – E, Ê, O, Ô, NH, MÃ, MẠ
4.   IA, UA, UA, CH, TH, TR – IA, ƯA, UA, CH, TH, TR
5.   A, A – Ă, Â
7.   -N, -NG, -NH, -M – -N, -NG, -NH, -M
8.   -T, -C, -CH, -P – -T, -C, -CH, -P


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