1. Purpose: The affiliate program aims to enhance cooperation and community development through introducing Vietnamese language courses and curricula at SVFF to more potential students.

2. Eligible Participants:

    • Individuals seeking to earn passive income by introducing courses.
    • Teachers currently teaching and collaborating with SVFF.
    • Bloggers, vloggers, and influencers in the fields of education and language, or those with a passion for learning.

    3. Benefits of Participation:

      • Attractive commissions: For 1:1 courses, each successfully referred student will earn the referrer 500,000 VND per student. For each successfully paid curriculum or video course, the referrer will receive a commission of up to 50% of the paid value of the curriculum or video course.
      • Marketing support: Provides detailed information about courses, instructors, and other resources to aid in promotion.
      • Transparent reporting: Access to a dashboard to monitor the number of registrations and earnings from your link.

      4. Participation Rules:

        • Register for the program: Individuals wishing to participate in the affiliate program must fill out a registration form from SVFF before starting promotion.
        • Brand compliance: All advertising activities must adhere to SVFF’s brand guidelines and not use ethically dubious marketing methods such as email spam or deceptive advertising.
        • Commission payments: Commissions will be paid monthly via PayPal or bank transfer based on valid registrations.

        5. Important Considerations:

          • Entering the referral code: Students referred to purchase courses or curricula must enter the full referral code information (provided by the referrer) to prove which individual referred them, so SVFF can base and calculate the commission for that individual. SVFF is not responsible if the referred person forgets or fails to enter the correct referral code at payment.
          • Tracking link: Ensure you use the correct affiliate link to ensure commission recognition.
          • Information security: Protect customer personal information and comply with privacy and security regulations.

          6. Exiting the Program: Partners may discontinue participation at any time. SVFF also reserves the right to terminate cooperation if it detects any violation of the terms and conditions of the program.