If you are looking for a reading resource for Vietnamese

If you want to improve both your reading and listening skills

If you want to know more about Vietnamese culture or updated news about Vietnam

Then we are here for you

READING WITH AUDIO is our new project aiming to help Vietnamese learners to elevate their skills.

You can easily access a great source of reading texts such as :

  • Short stories
  • News
  • Articles on various topics: culture, health, kitchen tips, technology, etc

Especially, each reading text goes with an AUDIO file. 

The special thing is that we all provide them for FREE as a contribution to the Vietnamese learning community.

Also, we would like to recommend to you how to utilize the reading with audio:

  • Step 1: Read carefully, along with the audio, and try to grasp the meaning
  • Step 2: Look up confusing words in the dictionary to understand the reading to the full
  • Step 3: Listen every day as much as possible to get immersed in Vietnamese.

Try this for one month and you will see a clear improvement in your listening and reading skills.

Don’t hesitate to grab this opportunity.