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As you probably know by this point, I have a YouTube channel I upload to weekly but I also love to do tons of other things!

I love to teach Vietnamese, introduce people around the world to the beauty of Vietnam. I love to make fun situations, I love to help those who want to study Vietnamese! I spend just about all my free time working on producing new videos and lessons.

I would love to continue to work for the channel more and open up new projects to make new interesting videos BUT I either need to start making more money or I’ll need to spend less of my channel.

Here’s where you come in, perhaps you’ve been following for months or even a few days but if you have ever felt like my content has helped you or entertained you and you want me to continue to reach out to others, you may consider a donation!

Think about this way, if this channel helps you more than any other online course that you can find, do not hesitate to donate a couple of bucks monthly to learn way high-quality videos from my channel forever.  It doesn’t matter how much is your pledge, your single dollar may inspire us a lot.



All the money donated via this channel will be used to improve the content and the quality of online videos, and the lessons on the YouTube channel! All of your donated money will be publicly posted and mentioned on the You channel to show how well we spend your money!
Thank you!