At SVFF, we value our loyal customers and want to show our appreciation through our new SVFF Coins system. SVFF Coins are a fantastic way for you to earn rewards and save money on your future purchases at our shop. The more you engage with our services, the more coins you accumulate, allowing you to benefit from exclusive discounts and special offers.

How to Earn SVFF Coins

Providing Lesson Feedback
One of the easiest ways to earn SVFF Coins is by giving feedback on your most recent lesson. We value your insights greatly, and as a token of our gratitude for sharing your thoughts, we reward you with coins.

Reporting Errors
Assist us in enhancing our services by reporting any errors or inaccuracies you come across in our programs. Each time you flag an issue using the designated icon, you will receive SVFF Coins as a token of our appreciation.

Payment and Purchases via

We recommend that students make all SVFF product payments through as it is more convenient and secure for both students and SVFF. Using reduces steps and saves time for all parties involved. For this reason, we encourage students to use Wise for payments, allowing buyers to receive additional coins when paying via

Our list of activities that earn coins is continuously updated. Whenever you see an icon with a plus number and a dollar sign, it means you can earn coins by completing the associated action. Stay tuned and pay attention to these activities to maximize your coin earnings.

How SVFF Coins Work

For every 100 SVFF Coins you accumulate, you can redeem $1 to purchase certain products from the SVFF shop. Whether it’s textbooks, merchandise, or exclusive content, your SVFF Coins can be used to make your learning experience even more enjoyable. Please note that SVFF Coins cannot be exchanged for cash and are only redeemable on selected SVFF products.

Enhance Your Learning Experience at SVFF

At SVFF, we specialize in teaching Vietnamese to learners of all levels. Our comprehensive courses are designed to help you master the language effectively. With SVFF Coins, you can purchase Vietnamese courses, textbooks, and other learning materials from our shop, enhancing your educational journey

Stay Tuned for More Ways to Earn SVFF Coins

Our list of ways to earn SVFF Coins will be updated regularly, so keep an eye out for new opportunities. Stay engaged with our community and continue to benefit from the SVFF Coins rewards program.


Start earning SVFF Coins today and make the most of your SVFF experience. Your loyalty and participation are important to us, and SVFF Coins are our way of saying thank you. Check back often for updates on how you can earn even more coins and save on your favorite SVFF products.