About Me

Hello! My name is Chi. I was born and raised in Saigon. I have a deep passion for teaching and learning languages and have dedicated 8 years to constantly improve my skills. Furthermore, I am fascinated by world cultures and I can’t wait to get to know yours and introduce mine!

Me as a teacher

With 8 years of experience in teaching and learning languages, I’ve had my fair share of both giving and receiving language as a knowledge. I have a broad spectrum of multiple teaching strategies and methods. Moreover, I can pinpoint areas of difficulty and provide focused lessons for speedy improvement. By teaching hundreds of students over the years I can easily identify your strengths and weaknesses while learning and build a unique style for your journey. My lessons are always well prepared with the main goal on focussing on student talk time, along with many activities and in-class assignments to help you learn Vietnamese as naturally and easily as your native language.

My Lesson & Teaching Style

My teaching philosophy is learning any language like a baby learning to speak, using as little English as possible. My main point of concentration is the pronunciation as it is the most important aspect of learning any language. Furthermore, learning should be fun and interesting in music, books, and movies. Making Vietnamese a part of your daily life is the key to developing your language skill quickly and easily.

Work Experience

Private English tutor from 2012-2015.
English teacher at Yzzi English from 2015-2016.
Private English teacher for foreigners in Vietnam 2016-2019.
Personal Academic Coach at Wall Street English 2019-2020.


  • IELTS  British Council 2018
    IELTS 8.0 2017
  • IELTS teaching course at Wall Street English 2019.