About Me

Hi everyone, My name is An. Currently, I’m working and living in Saigon, a wonderful place in Vietnam. I used to live in the US for 6 years to study and work. That’s how I fell in love with teaching Vietnamese for foreigners. I love learning culture, traveling, sharing experiences, listening to great stories, and meeting new people.

Me as a teacher

During my studying and working time in the US, I have met a lot of great people where I teach them to speak Vietnamese and share great stories about Vietnam. I believed that my abilities, skills, and experiences will help my student find the confidence to practice and speak Vietnamese. I was born in Sai Gon, which gives me a beautiful Southern accent. Besides, I have 1 year in teaching English professionally for VIP students which gives me a great experience to explain and clarify vocabulary.

My Lesson & Teaching Style

I would like to interact with my students. My lessons would be more practical base on student levels and abilities. I would personalize the lesson to students so they would be able to practice and apply in real life. My class would also focus on pronunciation skills and word choices. My main goal is that my student is definitely finding the confidence to speak and communicate in Vietnamese.

Work Experience

I’m a former Customer Service Case Manager for InterContinental Hotels Group. After that, I moved back to Vietnam and started to be a VIP Personal Tutor as Wall Street English in 2019.


  • AS degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • IELTS 8.0