The government of Vietnam has agreed to slap fines on individuals who put fraudulent, slanderous or lurid content online.

A new decree, effective from 15 April, imposes a fine of VND10-20 million ($426-$853) for using social networks to provide false information, slander or insult agencies and institutions, reduce individuals’ honor or dignity; encourage superstition, obscenity, or depravity that is incompatible with the traditions and customs of the nation; provide and share information explaining the information

The new declaration is used to replace the old one from 2013 that did not cover the aspect of fake news directly.

VND10-20 million will also be fined on acts of supplying, sharing false information, causing confusion among individuals, encouraging abuse, crimes, social evils, and gambling; supplying, sharing literary, artistic, and publishing works without the author’s permission or not yet approved for circulation.

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