Do you ever find that learning Vietnamese is not always easy?
Especially when it comes to pronunciation and spelling

And these two aspects mentioned above is super important if you want to understand and to be understood by people in speaking and writing. 

As a language learner myself and a teacher with more than 3 years experience, I have many of my learners of Vietnamese and English applying this method . And now they are seeing their tremendous progress in all spelling, listening and pronunciation.

What method is it? 


It sounds kinda simple, right?

But Why Dictation?

First, unlike many Asian languages, Vietnamese uses the alphabet to represent every single sound. When we hear one word and note it down, our brains associate the spelling with the sound. 

Therefore, by dictation, we can improve :

  • listening skill by recognizing the sound 
  • spelling by writing it down 
  • pronunciation by producing the sound according to spelling

One of the main problems for many language learners is that we learn a new word but then we often forget how to spell it the next week, thus forget how to say it too. That can easily discourage learners from learning more new words. 

How can you make new vocabulary stay in your head forever?  

You need to learn them in meaningful phrases and sentences by writing down sentences

And DICTATION can definitely help you out of those difficulties

So what exactly should we do now?

Choose a listening material and write down all its scripts

Hey… but if you still feel a little bit lazy to go here and there to seek for a trustworthy listening material and write it down.

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