Vietnamese Becomes an Official Language in San Francisco: A Milestone for the Community

San Francisco has taken a significant step in embracing its diverse communities by making Vietnamese one of its official languages. This decision not only strengthens strategic partnerships but also sets the direction for the city’s inclusive policies in the coming years.

A Landmark Decision

On June 11th, the San Francisco City and County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to include Vietnamese as an official language alongside English, Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino. This means that Vietnamese will now be used in public services such as interpretation, announcements, and website content. The city lowered the threshold for translation services from languages spoken by at least 10,000 residents to those spoken by at least 6,000 residents. According to statistics, over 6,700 Vietnamese speakers in San Francisco will now benefit from this inclusion.

Promoting Inclusivity and Accessibility

This landmark decision enhances the accessibility of essential services for the Vietnamese community. Vietnamese is already widely used in public services in cities with significant Vietnamese populations, such as Orange County, California, Houston, Texas, and Seattle, Washington. In these areas, Vietnamese is utilized in healthcare, education, and social services, ensuring equal opportunities and promoting the integration and development of the Vietnamese community.

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San Francisco’s decision to make Vietnamese an official language is a significant milestone for the community. It reflects the city’s commitment to inclusivity and acknowledges the contributions of the Vietnamese population. Join SVFF Unlimited to learn Southern Vietnamese and become a part of this thriving community.

By making Vietnamese an official language, San Francisco is fostering a more inclusive environment and ensuring that all residents have equal access to public services. At SVFF, we are proud to support this initiative and help learners achieve their goals with our comprehensive Vietnamese language courses.

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