SVFF is a team of Vietnamese teachers with a lot of experience and now we are providing our new services :

  • Translate Vietnamese to English
  • Translate English to Vietnamese
  • Make video subtitles in English and Vietnamese

Who translates my text?

SVFF Team has a community of more than 20 professional English – Vietnamese translators, they are all native Vietnamese teacher who are fluent in English. We verify and certify each and every translator manually to keep the community professional. Translators are rated continuously in order to maintain the high quality of our community.

Can I have a video/audio file translated?

Yes. Our practice is to use two audio translators. The first transcribes the text. The second checks the accuracy of this transcription and then translates the text into the other language. Next, the first transcriber reviews the translation for accuracy. Last, the pair agrees on the final wording.

When will the translation start?

The translation normally starts within 2 to 4 hours from the time your file is submitted.

How much does translation cost?

SVFF Team Translation has simple pricing. We charge $0.06 per word without any other service fees or minimum charges.

How does SVFF Team Translation guarantee satisfaction?

To guarantee satisfaction, we invest a lot of effort and focus on translation quality, speed, and first-class customer service. We want you to be happy with your translation so you’ll use our services again.

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