The word muốn chết, whichliterally means “want to die”, is used to exaggerate things.

For example, when a Vietnamese feel starving, they may say “tôi đói muốn chết”, literally, it means, “I’m so hungry that I want to die.”

How to use the phrase ” muốn chết”

Usually “muốn chết” goes after an adjective. It can also be replaced with “quá” when we want to exaggerate things.

Here are some other examples

đói muốn chết = đói quá = very hungry

khát muốn chết = khát quá = very thirsty

mệt muốn chết = mệt quá = very tired

vui muốn chết = vui quá = very funny

Sometimes a verb can be followed by “muốn chết”. It means you do that action a lot.

Tôi làm muốn chết mà không được bao nhiêu tiền. ( I work a lot but earn little money)

(“làm muốn chết” means “working a lot” )

Tôi học muốn chết mà không hiểu gì cả. ( I study a lot but cannot understand)

 (“học muốn chết” means “studying a lot”)

Let’s watch the video below to know how to say the phrase