• If you are looking for a well-organized textbook to self-study,
  • If you are searching for a curriculum to follow,
  • If you would like to bring your Vietnamese to the next level,

We are here to help 😀


Who are we?

SVFF is original a Youtube channel that helps foreigner to learn the Vietnamese – Southern accent

Why can you trust SVFF?

  • SVFF has 4 years of experience teaching Vietnamese online through Youtube and has been providing 1-on-1 online lessons for more than 300 students.
  • SVFF Youtube channel has more than 16,500 followers and is the top 5 Youtube channel with the highest number of followers among the current Vietnamese language teaching channels on Youtube.
  • SVFF has produced more than 200 different lecture videos with extremely interesting and useful topics. And more than 1000 professional online videos on Udemy. The videos in the 3 links below are all made by SVFF

What can SVFF textbook subscription bring to you?

  • You can choose your suitable level as our Vietnamese textbooks range from level 0 to level 5
  • You will be able to improve your speaking skill via Dialogue and Speaking practice part
  • You can expand your vocabulary in the Vocabulary area
  • You will be able to improve your listening skill with audios, enhance your reading and writing skills with specific exercises 
  • You can review all the grammar points at the final section of the lesson.
  • SVFF textbooks of all levels cover various topics to help students speak about anything they would like to freely
  • Textbooks are updating everything days to server your need

What will I get from a Textbook monthly subscription?

  • 9 courses with more than 200 lessons for each dialects
  • Daily improvement and update for all courses
  • Vietnamese Text To Speech in All ViVietnamese Dialects

Why are textbooks important?

  • You don’t have to waste your time trying to find what to learn. Just by following the instructions in the books, you can save a lot of your time to study.
  • You can review the knowledge anytime you want. 

Can I have a trial?

SVFF Vietnamese textbooks are for whom?

  • Learners who would like to self-study
  • Learners who already have a teacher but want professional and well-designed textbooks to follow
  • For Viet teachers need a textbook to teach Viet

How much is the subscription fee?

  • Only 12.99$ monthly for Northern dialect
  • Only 14.99$ monthly for Southern dialect
  • Only 19.99$ monthly for both dialects
Payment Options
Northern Dialect : $12.99 USD – monthly Southern Dialect : $14.99 USD – monthly Both Dialects : $19.99 USD – monthly