Welcome to SVFF, Southern Vietnamese for Foreigners. In today’s video, we’re going to introduce to you some other Vietnamese vocabulary that we borrowed from English. The topic for these words is entertainment. You are gonna watch a roleplay that uses a lot of words that are borrowed from English.

You will listen and pick it out what are they and then we will explain again later on those words. Let’s begin.

It’s been more than 10 years since I came back to Vietnam. I wonder if there’s anything fun in Vietnam these days. Fun Honey, what did you say? You just got back. What did you say? I think it’s a bit boring. What is fun? Fun It’s so weird, honey. You said fun. Fun, fun Fun is like happy Do what is fun for you.

Ah, you mean I should do that? Yeah, exactly. Oh, go and ask me. That’s it! So now, um, Go where? I’m taking you to a spot. I’m taking you to the cinema. Go to the cinema. What is cinema? What is film? Oh my god, I don’t know why it’s so lame in America. Oh my god, the cinema is a place where the screen is really big.

Then a bunch of people go in there to watch a movie. In America, people don’t say that. People say cinema. Tam, but in Vietnam, people say that. So what do we go to the cinema for? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. To watch movies. Oh my god, movies. I don’t even know what movies are.

Oh, oh, films. Films. Oh, I see. I got it. To watch films. Yeah, yeah, that’s right. That’s it. Now I don’t have the mood to go to the cinema to watch films. Let’s listen to some music. Let’s go somewhere to listen to music. I really like listening to pop and jazz music. I don’t have, in Vietnam, I don’t have that kind of music.

But it’s almost the same. What kind of music? Pop music, jazz music. What kind of pop music? Pop music. Pop what? Oh my god. Don’t Look Pop music is Light music and young music. Oh, people call it pop. So it’s the same? Yeah, it’s the same. Read with me. Pop. Bop. I don’t like the sound of bop. OK, now I’ve changed my mind.

I, uh, I have to mention the music. Recently in Vietnam, there is, um, there is, uh, uh, Deaver. Is it famous? Deaver. Can you speak Vietnamese, Mr. Phi? Ok, Deaver are people who sing in Vietnamese. This guy is so talented. He has so high notes like hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh like that, like me. I mean, Are you sick? No, I mean, Diva is famous.

Everyone knows, right? I think I need to learn Vietnamese again. Of course. Get ready to go to SVFF’s channel to learn Vietnamese. Do you know this teacher? I’m a very famous diva. Oh my god, the diva is smart. Diva, is smart. Diva, is smart. Oh, diva. Diva, my idol. I’ve heard a lot about smart people.

It’s called scandal. Ah, the bad news. The bad things. Oh my god, people say this. Let me make it clear. Scandal What? I speak Vietnamese. Scandal Scandal Put it together. Scandal You’ve only been gone for 10 years and you’ve forgotten everything? Ah, forget it. Let’s quit music. Let’s quit music. Let’s quit the film.

Ah, let’s quit film. Let’s quit the film. Ah, I’ve lost my Vietnamese. Now, I want to go somewhere else to drink water. I’m so tired. Let’s go somewhere else. Let me think. Now, let’s go somewhere else. The weekend, I want to hang out, I want to drink beer. Let’s go to the bar. The bar is in the US, I don’t want to come back there.

I just moved to Vietnam. What? What are you talking about? We’re hanging out here. You just mentioned my parents, but I didn’t say anything about my parents. I don’t want to go back to my dad’s bar anymore. I mean, the bar is the place where you hang out. You dance, you dance. Dance? There’s music. There’s music, turn it on.

Oh, bar, bar. Good, good, I like to go to the bar. I have this, do you know what this is? The VIP, đúng không? Anh bit nè. Vip trong ting Anh nghĩa là VIP, very important person. Nói đi không? Đi bar không? Đi ch. Đi, đi, đi. Đưng này, đưng này. Đi, đi, đi. Hope you enjoyed it properly. Now, we will pick out some Vietnamese words that borrowed from English and we will say them in Vietnamese version and English version.

OK? S mt. Film. Film. Number 2. Cinema. Cinema. So, cinema. Cine. Actually, the word cine, we rarely use right now. I think like 20 years ago, people used it more commonly. But now we will call it cinema. Wrap or sometimes wrap Q theme for the cinema Show. Rock. Rock Show. Pop. Pop.. Diva. Diva. So shout, say, scandal. Bar, short time, VIP.

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